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Lol, I painted michael jackson!

A handy speedpaint tool where you can choose how long you speedpaint for!

Painter V.4 Notes:
This is awesome!! In this version, i have added TONS of new gadgets, and some new colours too! Right, so, of course, press the colours to change the colour of your pencil! There is a rainbow coloured box with a question mark on it. That is a random colour box! That'll choose lots of random colours! There is a pink and blue box! That's the eraser! Then, right below the colour boxes, there is a thin rainbow coloured box! If you click that, your pencil will change to all the colours of the rainbow! Below that, there is a box with TEXT on it! Clicking that, you will get text! (For more info, please hover your mouse above that box, and hold SPACE!) Below that, is a box saying help! That'll say say about holding SPACE for help! Then there is a box with clear... that'll clear your page! Below that, is a colouring guide, then, a REALLY REALLY handy inspiration box! It'll give you ideas of drawings! Below that, is a box that when clicked, will change the colour of your page! Then there is the 2 size boxes. They will change the size of your pencil! Press up/down to get some colouring sheets on your page.
WHEW! That's a lot of new stuff!
If you have any ideas, please comment!! :)

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