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Sorry for the lack of digital art. I'm pretty low on ideas these days. ^^;

Here's Ze'ev's bio:

Orphaned at a young age, Ze'ev was shunned by most every clan of animals that existed in his time. His mixed blood caused many to be extremely wary of him, and he never knew where he belonged. Once he matured, he spent his life wandering, waiting, hunting, and keeping himself alive.

The combination of wild cat and wolven blood in his veins gave him an unquenchable killer instinct, and his light body and long legs made his leaps high and remarkably far. The only wound he ever sustained from a hunt was the loss of over half of his tail, which he soon learned to survive without.

Hiding in the shadows, Ze'ev never knew who he was, or where he belonged, but instead gave in to the feral world of the hiding, the hunting, and the hot blood.

Enjoy! ^w^

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