The Ultimate LOL Generator

remixed by UnknownGlaze
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Notes and Credits (added by UnknownGlaze)

Things changed:

Added some People from stuff
Changed a couple verbs

You'll have fun. Billy Mays guarentees it, Giygas and Pinkamena agree, and The Universe , Discord and I approve this 100%.

I'll add more. :3

Funny combinatins i ran across:

Friends=Friends: Silver Spoon Transformed into Diamond Tiara

Who gave him admin?: A n00b froze you

Father and son: Microsoft went shopping with your pc

The end is cupcakes: Princess Luna loves Pinkamena

That backfired: a rainbow drowned Pinkamena

No, im not Jadusable: BEN loves me

Those Diamond Dogs: Rarity screamed at a dog

Wait, how?: The MITML Defined and defied microsoft

Herobrine? WHAT! DIE!: Steve shot BEN

Nintendogs gets revenge: A dog shot Nintendo

Well he couldn't buy Gabe Newel, so: The president bought chuck testa

d. r o
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