Can't Touch This (Game)

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One day, you wake up as a yellow square. All around you is a dark void. Suddenly you see a large orb not too far away. A savior to get out of this nothingness? Hardly. It's an enemy, an orb of radioactivity, shooting out positrons frequently. The orb senses you, and it thinks to use its radioactivity to an advantage. It starts aiming its positrons at you. It is decaying, but as it does so, it releases faster and even more powerful positrons. You will need the courage to take on this enemy, to defeat it.....
Ok. Enough with the deep story. Use the mouse to move the square. The closer you venture to the orb, the more points you get. Try not to get hit, as you will lose a great amount of life.

The score sometimes glitches, but you'll get your real score at the end of the game. The variable score (it shows on the death screen) is the true score, the sprite number score is an attempt to be the same as the real score.

Notes and Credits

100 faves? OMG! Thanks a lot for the support - getting curated let me get to meet a lot of scratchers.

Many many thanks to @hhbjackson for curating 1.19.15! Please check him out - he's an awesome guy.

Won't be able to reply to all comments, sorry about that. But if you liked the game please leave a love!

There is an easter egg in here. It is an hidden feature, and it will be good especially if you want to hear music. DON'T LOOK INSIDE! If you find it you automatically (without looking inside) get a virtual invisible pet unicorn!

If there are any bugs or glitches, please tell me. Also, I am still adding to the music selection. You can suggest me songs. Also, if I have more time I may add new features such as health packs and forcefields.

Credits -

Current Highscore Holder: @13LuckyKid with 809489 (As of 1/20/15 19:41 EST)

Thanks to @Alexcamostyle for score rendering
@xOnic for the Intro and "Never Mind" track
Nightkilla (Band) for 2 tracks Fire Hawk and Nightfall
DJVI for Dry Out
Please report any bugs or glitches!!
Try to beat my highscore of 396612!
Thanks to @meghanpk for some ideas.

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