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At the very start of the game, press space to move through the two help screens.
After that you use only the mouse to select commands to program the robot.
The slider at the botom of the screen allows you to switch to any of the 40 puzzles: you don't have to do them in sequence, but it may help you if you do :-)

Notes and Credits

Sorry! The change to Scratch version 2.0 has introduced/exposed intermittent glitches in my program. Please forgive the inconvenience! if the game seems to 'hang' I'm afraid you will have to reset, using the Green flag.

Based on

I have reverse-engineered 40 puzzles from this excellent website.

The aim is for you to program the little robot to collect all the stars. These are the commands:
Forward / Turn / Change_tile_colour

There are from 1 to 5 function-blocks for you to enter your instructions; see in-game help.
Beware, the later puzzles require you to understand recursion!! Try looking here

I have retained the original titles, apart from puzzle 30 where I have substituted the name of an old English card game, (apologies to non-UK players!)

Technical Notes:
Puzzles are stored in lists. Function calling is supported. Now with added RECURSION!!

It may be possible to improve the execution speed. If anyone can fix & remix, that would be great.


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