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This is boxes - create exportable art using squares.

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'New canvas' creates a fresh blank canvas. 'Existing canvas' allows you to import an existing canvas using canvas codes (see comment section). Mute project using icon on menu screen (bottom left). Click/drag over boxes to change colours. Tools and modes can be changes by clicking their icons. A description is conveniently placed underneath. Clear entire canvas using the 'Clear' button. Export canvas using 'Export' button. Instructions on-screen.

Export codes that go against the community guidelines will be removed. Sound thanks to

This is version 1.2.8 released on the 17th of October 2018.
Update log:

Update 1.2.8 (Oct 17)
- Updated notes and credits

Update 1.2.7 (Oct 9)
- Thumbnail edit

Update 1.2.6 (Oct 8)
- Bug fix for importing canvas

Update 1.2.5 (Oct 5)
- Bug fix for clear button

Update 1.2.4 (Oct 5)
- Clear button! (suggested by @ScratchAwesomness101)

Update 1.2.3 (Oct 5)
- Curated! Yay!
- Added animation to colour selector.
- Fixed gradient on import/export screen (didn't realise it went left-to-right instead of top-to-bottom... oops).

Update 1.2.2 (Oct 4)
- Nicer export/import UI.
- Fixed bug where sounds can be heard during export/import.
- Changed colour scheme again for more consistency.
- Edited sound when clicking canvas (so much better!)
- Added scary yellow message warning users about inappropriate art. :~)

Update 1.2.1 (Oct 2)
- Refreshed UI colour scheme to match thumbnail.
- Added animation to sound effect control button.
- New background animation on menu screen.

Update 1.2 (Oct 1)
- Added sound effect control to menu screen.
- New colour! Brown!
- Cleaned up project scripts.
- Reduce project size (better load times).
- Performance improvements.
- Fixed bug where buttons don't disappear.
- Fixed bug where canvas can be seen before importing.
- Cleaner animations.

Update 1.1.1 (Sept 30)
- More sound effects!
- Squashed more bugs.

Update 1.1 (Sept 29)
- Added sound effects courtesy of Freesound.
- Improved performance.
- Bug fixes.
- Renamed some sprites.

Release 1.0 (Sept 27)
- Initial release.

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