0PEN ▁ ▂฿ⱤØ₭Ɇ₦ Crown▂ ▁ part 16

remixed by thedataqueen
See inside

Before you start heading for the report button I censored all the swears in the song so don't worry Scratch HQ!

WOOWWZEE, I'M BACK FROM MAINE, GONNA ANIMATE MORE, AND HAVE A MAP!1?!?! yes, I am going insane my dear fans. 0w0

-|| RULES ||-

1: I'd like artists or animators who know what they're doing cuz I REALLY REALLY love this song! I'd like people with at least 2 years of experience.

2: The map parts are fairly short (7 seconds long) so I expect you should be able to get done in 2 weeks. If I trust you or you have a VERY good reason i'll give 1 extension (a week)

3: Animation is wanted but PMV is fine as long as you know how to do it great.

4: be kind and work hard. A good work ethic is a healthy one :D

5: You can use your own oc's or a fandom if you so wish. BUT please don't do just Warrior cats. I'm using a AU so those are also welcome I guess XD

6: sprite limit is 3. 1 for animation and stuff, 1 for background and 1 for anything else. I will allow more sprites if you have a complex PMV or AMV planned.

7: I will remind you about the parts VERY often. If you don't reply to my "are you still working or nah" on the 2nd week you will be kicked. Sorry, I'm just a little harsh when it comes to dead lines. If you're traveling and can't reply all the time please tell me.

8: Code word is inside Ignore the other one.

8(2?): parts 24-25 I would like to be Lip synced a bit cuz I don't expect it to be animated much. PLus it's supposed to be calmer.



11: I love liusts

13: And misspelling


14: Code word is: broken

15: ENJOY!!! <3

Notes and Credits (added by thedataqueen)

how is this?? im done ha well i hope you like it, i like it :P hope it works for this map

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