3D Creature Invasion

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Notes and Credits (added by co13)

Finally! my first 3D game with actual 3d graphics!
Story: Wild space creatures have been invading the Earth! Luckily scientist have created a portal to mars from the force field around Earth. In other words Earth's force-field teleports creatures to mars where they can't get out unless there are too many creatures on the planet. Your mission is to destroy the 6 deadliest creatures. Hurry! you are armed with a supersonic car and 3 blasters that shoot in three different directions. Good Luck!

Instuctions: arrow keys to move,you can move down but you won't find any creatures. a to shoot at the left creatures,l to shoot at the right creatures and space to shoot at the creatures in front of you.

1)Don't move while shooting or the game will be glitchy and more than 1 creature will show up at a time.

2) Don't hold two arrow keys at once.

Thanks to yey for 3D checkerboard and now I know how it works.

Thanks to RHY to 3D car.

You can use this 3D checkerboard and car as long as you give me(co13),yey and RHY credit. Enjoy!

Also music starts after 7 seconds.

Also credit to terminator68 and addzero. addzero had the better checkerboard with different velocities.

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