Gem Collector

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Works best on Firefox

Press a / d to change the costume of the player.
Use the arrows keys to catch the treasure as it falls.
Your score increases by one every second, and will increase by between five and ten if a gem is caught.
If you miss a gem, you lose a life.
If you lose all three lives, the game ends.
Feel free to post your score in the comments! :)

Notes and Credits

Made using the sprites from this project:

Note: new scratchers cannot qualify on the scoreboard.

Music is "Cave" by @DonutTruth
A HUGE amount of credit to @BIG-red-BUTTON for teaching me how to use cloud data to make a list of scores for different scratchers. If you want to know how to do this, then have a look at his project:
Initial credit to @Lemon-Lime for teaching me how to make a highscore :)

I might add a shop later.

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