Cloud City

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Build up the floating city of your dreams in this tycoon game! (Tutorial in-game, but just in case... it's below)

Click squares to bring up building options.
Click the squares to build that building (Must have enough money)

latest update 5 October 2014, see below for more info on the update!

Notes and Credits

Check out the successor to this game, Sky City!

Cloud data is a bit limited for this project at the moment, so it will act just as a local game for now (No 'on-line' functionality) until I can figure out how to use cloud data properly. Saving is still needed so that the game doesn't revert when you press the green flag, so save for that :)

Font engine AND cloud engine by @Leafino !!
Music by Kegogrog from newgrounds
Art by me :D

Change log:

5 October 2014 - Changed the 'cursor' graphics a little, as well as the 'bonus' animation. The UI buttons have also been altered slightly.

6 August 2014 - Decided to disable the cloud features, so now you can at least build your own city :)

7 July 2014- Had to reset cloud data for new players, sorry :(

6 July 2014- Changed the way cloud data works a bit. Sometimes the tutorial is bugged and you can't progress, just drag it off the screen to remove it for now. Update-ception: Cloud seems to be working now! Text is a bit glitched sometimes too :/

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