Summer Geek round 1: Zpong AI

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Round one of the AI contest. Just a simple pong game, with motion blurry thingies for eye candy.

!!!! Please make a remix, or post your links in the studio !!!!

Deadline will be next Saturday, 5th july, midnight GMT , so you have over a week. The contest will be ended if everyone has already finished.

Your objective: make player 2 an AI, make it so it always wins, or most of times. This is easy enough, since it's the first round.

Inside is the "AI" object, the only one you may edit, which indicates which variables you may read and which you may write. It is "at the front", so it will run before the game code.

You can create other variables to use as counters or temporarily store numbers or anything, but you may not "hack" and set the paddle's y position to that of the ball.

Notes and Credits (added by djdolphin)

It calculates where the ball will go without any extra variables. :P

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