5 Random Facts About Me Fillout/Typein

remixed by DevanWolf
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Type in 5 random facts about yourself. If you want to type in your own name, be signed out before using this project.
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Notes and Credits (added by DevanWolf)

Thanks to the starter project as the typed in facts are now in the variables! (Notice they can still go offscreen even if they are typed in too long)

Now with songs from 1 to 4 are picked randomly.
1. "10 Minutes" by "Who sings this song anyway?"
2. "Oh My Pretty Pretty Boy I Love You" by "I never heard of this song a long time ago."
3. "Alive (Twisted Record Remix)" by "Mondotek"
4. "Invincible" from Kirby's Dream Land 2? or Sonic Master System/Game Gear

Songs 1-2 are found on a certain 3rd-party mp3 player, song 3 is downloaded from a certain YouTube video, and song 4 is taken from another project.

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