Zelda- Four Swords 2: Links in Time & Space

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This is a remix of mario galaxy game i found. i dont know how to ad a remix so im just going to put this on my page.

walk and jump with arows

space to use sword. dont know on what but use it

Collect the triforce at the end to win
bioniclefreakgabe here.
This game is called Zelda Galaxy 2.0, but when I post it to the site, I may change the name to:
"The Legend of Zelda-Four Swords 2:Links in Time and Space"
By the way, I am still thinking about making the "Time" part.
If you are reading this online, than this probably already happened.

Anyway, I edited some stuff in this game to make it more Zelda-ish.
I even added a second player, as a tribute to Four Swords. The second player can help player 1 by helping him preform the Four Sword Dash. You can do this by making both players go in the same direction at the same time.The Four Sword Dash can be used to cross large or perilous gaps, or to just go fast.

Thanks to Clouse01!

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