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This game has apparently become buggy due to updates in the online player. Please download here and play in Scratch 1.4. http://wes64.webs.com/2417705.sb

Save game by saving downloaded project.

Arrow Keys - Move Player or cursor
Space - Confirm / Select / Progress text / Interact with person
V - Back/Deny
M - Open menu while on map screen.

When inside the building, the exit is marked by a slightly lighter patch on the floor. Stand on it, face the lower wall closely, and press space.

-Can only save game if DOWNLOADED.
-Save game by saving project.
-Do not attempt to edit any scripts because
1. Program might crash.
2. Data might become corrupt.

-=-=-=How to play=-=-=-
-You are supposed to go around catching monsters. Only Amy can catch monsters.
-Encounter monsters randomly or go fishing. To fish, press space facing any water.
- You must talk to people in order to understand the game.
- Press Space to : Talk, read bookshelf, read sign, exit/enter cave/building.
- Use the menu to swap your monsters.(top row is your battle team)
- Use the menu to swap your items (top 2 rows are items to be used in battle.)
- Heal at hospitals (White building)

Notes and Credits (added by Wes64)

Here's a map: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Wes64test/2744986

Check out luyisia's Dew OS! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/luiysia/2396644

-=-=-=Project Data=-=-=-
Development Time - 150 Hours
01/08 2012 - 03/23 2012

03/23 3:00 Uploaded
03/23 5:19 Curated by Mewkid!
03/23 6:17 #10 top loved!
03/24 Bug Fix
03/25 #1 top viewed #1 top loved!
03/27 I won an award :D http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/mjkliou/2427584
03/30 Curated in "Creative Curators" by coolhogs. http://scratch.mit.edu/forums/viewtopic.php?pid=1189305#p1189305
04/22 2012 I won Scratcher of the Month! :D http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/northmeister/2437979 Thank you, northmeister!
05/19 2013 Updated to run online properly.

Q. How do I get out of the first house?
A. There is a lighter spot on the floor. That is the door. Press space to use the door (While facing it).

Q. There are a lot of bugs!
A. You have to download it, or else there will be bugs.

Q. It won't load!
A. It takes a lot of time to download it. Wait patiently for 1-2 minutes.

Q. Can you advertise me?
A. Only if the project is related to this game. Otherwise, sorry.

Q. (Any question regarding gameplay)
A. There is a gameplay section above this FAQ.

Q. Why so many monsters?
A. Because the enemy monsters get very strong very fast and you will need to be prepared.

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