Animal Jam Slender Wolf Wants to Be Your Friend!

remixed by PrincessPandaLover
See inside

Just a Slenderwolf game.

Collect all 8 pages then open the doors to escape from Slender Wolf, whom you do not want to be friends with. Try to find the EASTER EGG. (Intro will show only once, dont worry if you become Slender wolf's friend)

Remember to press that LOVE IT button.

-collect the first 2 pages on the desk (2)
-go right,1 page is in the vase (3)
-go right again and collect the page in the corner (4)
-take the flashlight from the locker
-one paper is under the locker (5)
-go left to the broken wall, DONT collect that page on the tree
-go left and down the ladders and take the key
-go up the ladders and then up the stairs
-go left and take the paper on the floor (6)
-now take the paper on the tree where the broken wall is (7)
-go right,unlock the chest and take the paper from the chest (8)
-got 8 papers now, go back and open the doors
-see the ending
-Click LOVE IT, try to find the easter egg

Notes and Credits (added by PrincessPandaLover)

WARNING: Silly when Slender Wolf pops up

Credit to @BIG-red-BUTTON

NOTE: This project was taken down by the ST because it was too scary. What? The original project is still up.

There, I made Slender Wolf a nice guy who wants some hugs.

Music during intro and ending is by someone
Music while you play is Palmtree Panic (Present) theme from the Japanese and European version of Sonic CD

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