Muxir V.6

remixed by NBM_TEST
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Notes and Credits (added by NBM_TEST)

Made by the PROgrammers:

How to read your song:
The color is the instrument, default is (1)Acoustic Grand
The height of the bar in the middle is what note will be played by the instrument, default is note 60(C)
The height of the white bar at the bottom is the volume, default is 100

Click the Tool button in the upper left corner to cycle through 6 tools

Note Changer1:
click to change the pitch of the note

Note Changer2:
Hold down and move the mouse to change an area of notes (tip-Go slowly)

drag to level an area of notes. Go right to left.

Instrument Wand:
Hold down and move the mouse to change the instruments in an area

Tells you the note at which your mouse pointer is.

Hold down and move the mouse to change the volume in an area

Play Song:
Click this button to play your song.

Save Song:
Click this button to save your song

Load Song:
Click this button to load your last saved song.

New Song:
Click this button for a fresh song

What to do:
Fix leveler

NBM's additions:

Added a help page. Click on the page icon and then hold the mouse and pull left to change go forward a page, right to go back one.

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