See inside

Move with the arrow keys. You'll jump every time you hit a platform. Don't fall!

*** If you pass through a wall, you will appear on the other side! ***

The game will restart every time you die.

Notes and Credits

I figured it was time for a project to tell everyone I'm alive, and I think that this was definitely the way to do it. :)

This took 6.5 hours of my day. I hope you all like it.

NOOO! I got 450 trying to beat my high score :( - March 2, 2014
My high score is 559 on normal. A bug decided to mess me up, so I died. I was trying to get to 1000..

My high score on easy is 197 (there was originally no easy mode).

Have fun!

Song is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wDEGnwn1bFs


I do not take credit for the music in this game. All music created by 6955.
Image courtesy of the internet.

This music was originally featured in a 13 minute documentary about the Nintendo Museum. I cut out the parts with voice-overs, although you can still hear people in the background. The original video, which contains the entire track (with Japanese overdubs), can be found at the url below. Also, mp3 downloads of the original music are available at the artist 6955's website.

Nintendo Museum Doc:


King of Games:


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