Ball Physics Playground v2.2c

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[Drag a Ball] using your mouse [1,2,3,4, or 5] to add new balls!
[D] Delete Ball [R] to Remove ALL balls
[Space] Line drawing mode [Q & E] to set portals
[L] Load a Scene [S] Save your Scene
[B] toggle Scene Borders [Z] Engine Tuner (Gravity, etc)
[H] Help (on/off) [P] Pause the simulation

I've been reading a web based tutorials by a guy named Randy Gaul ( on how to implement a Rigid Body Physics Engine... The upshot is... It's complex! *grin*. I have only begun to implement the basics: Supporting circles with basic Impulse resolution and overlapping object correction. No friction, rotation or torque :S And no non-circular bodies! :S

Notes and Credits

Saved Scene Forum:

3 Jul 2014 - v2.2b - Improved loading code, added more examples.

3 Jul 2014 - v2.2 - Added some contact bombs for fun (Spawn with 0)

2 Jul 2014 - v2.1 - Added Portals, and Save/Load functionality.

1 Jul 2014 - v2.0 - New Version number, New Project, New name! - Added lots of interactive fun (most noticeably, the ability to have the balls interact with surfaces, and the ability to draw those surfaces by entering Line mode [L]).

26 Jun 2014 - v1.3 - Implemented correct mass, large bodies now affect smaller bodies far more. Added key '4' for one huge ball :). Added 'D' key to delete the ball under the mouse pointer.
1 Jul 2014 - v2.0 - New release - Renamed to Ball Physics Playground to reflect the new changes to the engine! Loads of new possibilities! (Added ball to line intersection and collision resolution, line drawing, premade scenes, toggleable scene borders, etc...

23 Jun 2014 - v1.2 - Added ability to set gravity to 0, and fixed grabbing a ball forcing other objects away glitch!
23 Jun 2014 - v1.1 - Added 3 ball sizes...
23 Jun 2014 - v1.0 - Shared! - Only supports circles and basic impulse resolution.

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