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✿ Acrostic Poem Maker ✿

Create simple acrostic poems from a name, or anything in particular! An acrostic poem is a form of poetry, where the first, last, or middle letters spell out a word, phrase, or message.

✿ Tips ✿
Theme your poem; use words and adjectives that correlate with the main phrase!
Try describing a particular topic with your adjectives!

You can use turbo mode to make the text load faster!
Numbers, spaces, and symbols will be skipped.

Notes and Credits

✿ Notes ✿

Thank you all so much for getting this featured! I've been on this site for half of a decade, and I've never been featured, much-less front paged before; please follow @SoSlytherin and @LittleRedWagon for suggesting the feature, I'm so indebted to all of you here~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

✿ Credits ✿

@nelily for the Modified Circle Effect and my inspiration for this project!
@Zykon for the Text Engine
@alphabetica for the Click Effect
@pococikapusta for the Uppercase and Lowercase Engine
@Wrclass for the List to Variable Engine
@-Eunoia- for the Paper Lace
@FontGod for the Peach Sundress font
Music: Butter Building from Kirby's Epic Yarn

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