Friends MAP Part 3

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F R I E N D S • M A P P A R T 3

= Animation =

Hello, welcome to this project! This is an animation - Part 3 for @Niamh- 's Friends MAP part.

L Y R I C S:

"Our only rule is that we live this life in this moment..."

A N I M A T I O N I N T E R P R E T A T I O N:

Just like my previous MAP part, I decided to use symbolism, though they are less in number here, probably because I kind of did this in a hurry. This song is about friends, and how their presences make our lives joyous and peaceful. The whole song carries the positive feelings.

Here I have shown two friends enjoying fireworks.

This can be described in the following chart:

>>Fireworks → lights → fun, happiness, positivity.<<

It is said that light carries positive feelings. Enjoying in the light of fireworks in the dark night shows that friends illuminate our lives, our hearts even in the darkest of times.

[Or, I could say, Friends → Positive feelings]

About the star writings - I have no symbolism in mind for them. Do you think they carry special thoughts? Comment below!

F A C T S:

1// I tried to draw eyelashes here.
2// The fireworks art was supposed to be used for another personal project. But it looked good, and I thought it would be nice to animate that theme, so I used it here.
3// I was going to redraw the thumbnail to make it a little easier for animating, then I didn't because I was being lazy XD
4// That firework is called a Tubri. (TOO-OOB-RI)
5// I did a speed-scroll thing in this project. You can check the details inside.
6// I used some coding to make it look cool :P

C R E D I T S:

MAP Host ★: @Niamh-, thank you for letting me
be a part of your
Song: ♪ Friends, by Jasmine Thompson
Art & Animation ✎ : @A_Bluebird
Font ➡ : Monoton, from Google Drawings
Edits : ♡ Fotor (A picture editor)
Description emojis (XD) ♥ : @ivypool2
[Hehe, I copied these text emojis/bullets/whateveryoucallthem from your projects XD]

~~T H A N K Y O U F O R V I E W I N G ~~

By the way, did you know that there is an easter egg somewhere in the project? If you can find it, you'll get a prize O.O

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