BugCraft Pre-Alpha 0.2 (Old Version - Read Notes)

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Notes and Credits (added by Splodgey)

Version: Pre-Alpha 0.2
Latest Version: Pre-Alpha 0.5 http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/Splodgey/2455447

Gallery: http://scratch.mit.edu/galleries/view/157778
Forum Thread:http://scratch.mit.edu/forums/viewtopic.php?id=92099

BugCraft! Minecraft with bugs. (I couldn't resist... sorry)
Expect Glitches. This is only Pre-Alpha.

W = Change Block
A = Move Left
S = Change Block
D = Move Right
SPACE = Jump
C = Place Block
CLICK = Break Block

Changes from Pre-Alpha 0.1:

*Fixed bug where you can place on yourself

+Added Progress to the Generation

-Removed the ability to change areas (So it doesn't glitch up)

*Gravel can now spawn underground

+Added Sand

*Fixed falling into gravel

+Added Wood and Wooden Planks

+Added Blue Bug (Will be equivilent of a pig in future)


*Moving with a block in your hand is... weird...

*You sometimes spawn in the ground

*Blue bug keeps re-spawning...

Planned Changes:




*More Bugs (Equivilent of Mobs)

*Title Screen

*Day/Night Cycle

*Stairs, ladders, torches ect.

*The blocks will all be sprites in Scratch 1.2 (because of cloning - It will be less glitchy... and stuff...)

*More Blocks

*Veins (Of gravel, and Ores)

*Beach, sea, water

*Working Areas

*The Nether(?)

*The End (Possibly - or the "Tele" or "Tel" :/)


More will come.

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it fails :S The spaces are removed... :(

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