Warrior Wolves: The Game

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PrincessPandaLover presents you a parody of warrior cats:
WARRIOR WOLVES! Start as a kit and grow up to become a warrior to defend your clan!

Instructions in-game :P

In Plot: press space to move on

2016 EDIT: Whoa, over 50 favorites and love-its, oh and over 2000 views! This was just some poor attempt at getting featured. :P

Notes and Credits

Music is Reach for the Stars from Sonic Colors (sorry if it's unfitting)
Based of Warriors, a novel series by Erin Hunter

Sorry that I'll stop updating this since I'm gonna start a collaboration

OFFICAL TOPIC: http://scratch.mit.edu/discuss/topic/43681/

If you're viewing this, be sure to check out my contest! http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/24264652/

*Some things may be inaccurate because I'm not a warrior cat expert
*WaterClaw is ONLY a sitter of the kits, so don't get confused
*This is laggy sometimes
*This is NOT FINISHED! Hunting and fighting will be coming soon
* For less lag, play it here: http://scratch.mit.edu/projects/embed/23874227
*After you enter code when you load, it takes a while for the game to come up

June 29, 2014: Want to resume where you are? Now the save and load feature is now here!
June 26, 2014: Just released!

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