SoundSurge-Beta 1.0

remixed by kayybee
See inside

Click on squares randomly.

Notes and Credits (added by kayybee)

Front paged, twice, for a beta. Thanks everyone!

Note: This is the draft for Collab Camp.

Frontpage??? Preposterous! Oh well. 12/3/12
Frontpage, again.
Curated by Collab-Camp

Also note: I know the instruments are wrong. I think. I'll try to fix them this weekend.

This is SoundSurge. The awesome tone-producing field, customizable to make the perfect sounds. No music skills required. Just click anywhere. Shake your mouse violently. Draw a pretty picture. It will make a pleasant melody. Enjoy!

Find any bugs? Just tell either one of us. Please include what is wrong, how to reproduce it (if available), and the player used. The more bugs you tell us, the more we know about. The more bugs we know about, the more we can fix. The more bugs we fix, the more pleasant experience you will have! Thank you for your cooperation.

This was created by ProgramCAT and kayybee. Please do not directly copy it, but feel free to remix it. Thanks :)

Current Bugs:
Will not make the sound of the first block-going to fix.
Tempo does not work-it actually does, but I guess it's a little too subtle to notice. See below
Instruments incorrect-trying to figure out
Correct grid system-trying

Reset-next version
Fill all-next version
Larger Tempo Range-next version
Multiple Instruments Simultaneously-maybe?
Pause Feature-next version
More instruments-most likely

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