Remain Palette MAP ~OPEN~ (PART 10 & 6 ARE OPEN)

See inside

Edited Instructions: Hey, so I just realized that lots of people were forgetting to finish their parts. I was asking everybody if they were still working on it, but the person that took Part 10 dropped out, so it's open now. If no one takes it before everybody else finishes their parts, I'm going to do it, but I want to know if anyone else wants it first. :) Now, go read the original instructions down there so you can see the rules and everything else.

Original Instructions:
So, this is going to be my first MAP ever. (Or Palette MAP I guess)

Everything must be drawn by you (Unless you take fonts from other websites for lyrics or something, that's fine)
Don't copy
Don't make fun of others
Remix to show your part, or else I won't find it (Or if you don't, give me the link)
Codeword is inside project
Please don't animate in the backdrop layer (If you do, I guess that's fine. I'll just have to put all the costumes into a sprite instead)
You may only have one part (Despite me not splitting the music evenly :P Yeah, there should've been like......30 parts but now there's pretty much only 10 cause I did it soooo terrible)
Ask for a part in the comments. If someone already took the part you wanted, you will have to take another instead
If you want to add the lyrics, please do NOT use Scratch fonts. Use fonts from another website or your own handwriting
AMVs are allowed, but please ask if you want to do a PMV
Give me two links to your best drawings/animations
I'm looking for more experienced animators/artists, though I won't be too picky about it. If I don't reply within 3 days, then it's a no; I'm very sorry
Only animals in this MAP please; thank you (No humans)
You may use OCs in this; just make sure they follow the palette (The color palette is inside)
You may use a different shade/tint(?) of any color on the palette. I don't mind
You may use a darker shade of a certain color for the outline. I don't mind, in that case
You may drop out if you're too busy to do your part
You have 3 weeks to finish your part. If you need me to extend the time, just ask (Although, if you take too long, I might have to kick you out)
Sneak in the codeword in your comment when asking for a part

Go to the Remain Palette MAP studio if you want to find out the lyrics and stuff (I guess that's not really a tip, but-)
Use a different art program
Note that some parts are longer than others (Yes, like I already said, I didn't split it very evenly, did I? :P I'm super bad at splitting music. I'm probably gonna make another MAP someday but try to split it better)

Well, that's it! (I think lol) Hope you have fun! Every person that enters counts. Even one! I really want this MAP to get finished. :)
(By the way, ignore that lazy thumbnail I drew)

Side Note: Trust me, I'll try to split the parts better next time. ;-; Blame that on me. (And I'll make sure to try to make sure the music sounds smooth)

Notes and Credits

Art: @pollypuffin
Art Program: Kleki
Music: Remain by Royal Tailor

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