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-I enjoyed writing this because it gave me a clear view of the world my character lives in.

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-The writing below is Eric's feelings after she has learned about PIP.

-I'm sorry to anyone who read the 1-3 chapter, this is not the fourth chapter. It is an excerpt from the book with a little bit cut out. (11 chapter or something).

-Please, don't copy. I'm going to publish this when I finish the whole book.


PIP is just wrong, morally wrong. To kill innocent people is wrong. And to do it for such a ridiculous reason makes it even worse. I don't care about creating a perfect race, or ridding the world of people who aren't smart enough, aren't strong enough, and aren't loyal enough to PIP.

What is PIP? PIP is the world's plan, the Poison Ivy Plan. It's the plan to create the perfect race. A race of strong, smart, and loyal people. I'm tempted to say pets instead of people. Why?

Pet aren't supposed to make important decisions. If they're told to jump, they jump. If they're told to sit, they sit. If they are told to kill, they kill. The people aren't people, they are animals. Pets to the ones at the top and the people at the top? They are monsters. But first, let me explain how PIP was named and is executed.

PIP stands for the Poison Ivy Plan. The ten colleges in SABIC are called the Poison League. The ten colleges in the Amazon are called the Ivy League. The whole process of creating this race is through the colleges on either side of the world. Hence the name Poison Ivy Plan.

There are three tests. The result of failing any one of them is death maybe not immediate death, but death nonetheless. The first is a test of intelligence. Every four years all adolescents, ages twelve to sixteen, have to take the test. Your scores are recorded and kept till you apply for college. If your score of intelligence is not high enough, you are sent to fight in world war XVI consequently killing you. And the test has done its job, only the smart remain.

The second test does kill you instantly if you fail. If you are accepted, you are sent a flash drive. This flash drive contains a virus inside. You must plug it into yourself. If the flash drive does its task, it will have killed off the weak.

The last test is unknown to most. I have been told about it by the one other who controls the flash drive. He is the one who created PIP but is not one of the monsters. I will explain him to you after you understand the horror of the last test. It is a test of not only loyalty though that is the primary focus of it. It determines how much you value human life.

Before you graduate, you are instructed to kill a human. Depending on your new role in PIP it could be a stranger, friend, or even a family member. This is the last test and does result in instant death if you fail. Your death is not the death of a random person. It is the death of someone who is everything PIP stands for except the pet part.

As I mentioned before, the man who created PIP is not a monster like the masters in charge of PIP. He created it as a way to help families after the war, but by the nature of the war, it will never end. It is just another way to kill now. SABIC and Amazon aren't enemies. They are allies working against humanity.

I believe I hold the key to ending this massacre. I have a single flash drive and the capability to program it. Only Mr. Foster and I can do this. We can only do this because you are the only ones with the right mind for it. We are the only ones with the right mind for it that haven't been killed. More people can do this I believe, and more people would if only PIP didn't exist.


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