Sheepdog Scramble (Game)

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Instructions françaises en bas!

Use the mouse to control the sheep dog. Click to bark. You must get more than half of the sheep into the barn (the level indicator will turn green once you succeed) before time runs out. Be careful as if the sheep touch the edge of the screen, they will escape! The levels are infinite, but they get progressively harder as you play.
-Sheep: 1 pt
-Black sheep: 5 pts
Press "M" to toggle music on and off. Press "F" to switch to French and "E" to return to English.

Utilisez le souris pour guider le chien de berger. Cliquez pour japper. Vous devez mettre plus que la moitié des moutons dans la grange (l'indicateur de niveau serait vert lorsque vous avez réussit) avant que le temps s'écoulent. Faites attention car si les moutons touchez le bord de l'écran ils s'échapperont! Les niveau sont infinis, mais ils deviendront plus difficile le plus que vous jouez.
-Moutons blancs: 1 point
-Moutons noirs: 5 points
Appuyer sur "M" pour arrêter ou récommencer la musique. Appuyer sur "F" pour français et "E" pour retourner à l'anglais.

Notes and Credits

Curated September 21st, 2014! Thanks @ClareBear202!

-Fixed a somewhat significant problem with score display
-Made later levels harder

Sheepdog Scramble was inspired partly by the Puffle Round-Up game on ClubPenguin and partly by my wonderful dogs. The title screen pictures are from Google, but I drew everything else. The soundtrack is an instrumental version of Old McDonald Had a Farm.

Constructive criticism is always appreciated.

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