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I solemnly swear I am up to no good...


Hi there! @kitkat228 here! Today is Harry Potter's birthday :D. After many months of work, and a hard night of putting everything together, I present to you...

Thumbnail: @MegAmazing55

Harry Potter: @Kajizu

Ron Weasley: @wishbo

Hermione Granger: @Hinakichu

Cho Chang: @Meilii-

Ginny Weasley: @MintyBunBun

Lavender Brown: @ScarletAsh25888

Fred and George Weasley: @UmbreonStarGazer

Hedwig: @Gryffindor_Jedi

Fleur Delacour: @starryskylight

Tonks: @hermione510

Buckbeak: @Feathershy

Voldemort: @Sydglitter

Dumbledore: @rebooted_exe

Moaning Myrtle: @IdleDots

Dobby: @-Starry-Galaxy-

Scabbers was originally supposed to be in it but the artist deleted all of their projects so I was unable to put it into this project.

Thank you to all of the backups: @-Hamstr, @Drawingtomten and @WintyMint (WintyMint was a last minute backup).

Thank you for all those who applied, I am so sorry that you were not chosen, a lot of you were so close to getting the part, all of you made me happy that people would even WANT to apply for MY project xD.

And finally, thank you to all who are viewing this project, I hope you all enjoy my LOVE for Harry Potter!!!

If you got this far, try and put 'wand' in your comment.

@kitkat228 <3

Mischief Managed...

Morning of feature:
Me: Yawn *gets on bus and quickly opens up computer while I still have internet* *sees that I have 1670 messages and raises eyebrows* *looks at features projects and hyperventilates*
ADHBKBKBDBLKAHLDHNJNLABBIUBUDBSH I am featured!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAYYYYYY!!!!! This is a DREAM come true!!!! :DD

I am sorry that I don't respond to every single comment but I promise that I read all of them! They are so lovely!!! <33

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Where is Luna, Draco, Snape, Sirius and Lupin?
Luna and Snape were supposed to be in it, but the artists dropped out or went inactive.
Why are people like Fleur in the Collab when Snape isn't?
Some people suggested what character they wanted to draw.
How does it work?
Space and right arrow key progresses, while the left arrow key goes back.

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