Break The Silence [MEME]

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Song: Break The Silence
Preformed By: Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slippy, and Subtact
Original By: @-Rocket-
Remix By: {Insert Username Here}

Notes and Credits

Please feel free to remix this! Cinematic memes are usually meant for remixes where people give their own unique twist to the original project. The most common edit is to add your character in place of mine; to make this easier, all the sprites that you'll need to put your character in are surrounded with plus signs (+) in the project. However, feel free to do other things as well (change the background, add new effects, etc.). Then, just remix and change the instructions to have you in them! I can't wait to see what you guys make! :D

-The song is "Break The Silence" by Richard Caddock, WRLD, Nitro Fun, Slippy, and Subtact (yep, five artists made one song XD)
-Song ported to Scratch by @tifany10
-Sonic Forces for their Avatar making system (which I used to create Thunder's original design; however, this vector version is by me)
-Google Docs for the Covered By Your Grace font
-The Scratch Library for the microphone design (which I recolored a little :P)
-Google Images for the city gif in the background
-Various cinematic memers (is that a word? XD) for inspiration

-This is one of my favorite songs, like, ever XD. Out of the five artists in the song, Nitro Fun is my favorite (his song "Checkpoint" with Hyper Potions was the first Monstercat song I ever heard), and I like Subtract too (I used his song "Restart" in my Scrolling Platformer Engine a while back). I'll have to admit, though, the other three artists I don't really know too well XP
-I don't really do cinematic memes that much on my account (or memes in general, as I still don't quite understand them :P), but I got motivated to do this and, well, here it is! This is the third cinematic meme on my account, but the second one I've created (one of them was a remix of another cinematic meme #ChokChok XD). This is a real improvement over my last one; my first original meme was Christmas themed, and the Fiis were still my main OCs XD
-Thunder, feel the Thunder XD! Yep, Thunder is in a project for the first time in, like, forever! Thunder is always my go-to OC for this kind of stuff, since animals generally dominate this market (and he's my most detailed OC, and OCs in this area are also very detailed). Hopefully Thunder will appear in more projects! :D

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