Mastermind v1.2

by djscope
See inside

Guess the hidden code!

1. Click on a peg in current column to change it's column.
2. When you select the desired pegs, click Submit next to the pegs, on your left.
3. Black = Right color and in right place, White = Right color but in wrong place.
4. Use the information you get to make a better guess.
5. You win if you get 4 small black dots in any try, but you lose if it takes you more than 10 tries.
6. If you win, you are given a ranking. If you lose, the correct answer is shown.
7. Have fun and don't forget to love and favorite!

The last reset for Win Rates was on June 14, 2016 at 01:35 AM PDT.

Win Rates are shown as follows: [{Percent} ({Wins}/{Games})]. You can see these before selecting a difficulty setting. When you finish a game, the "Play Again?" button will also show the win rate for that difficulty level.

Notes and Credits

Version History:
v1.0 (February 29, 2012): Initial Release.

v1.2 (June 14, 2016): Fixed some glitches and added global win rates and games played. Sound now defaults to On.

Break the code!

With 4 game levels and 10 colors, this game is almost like any other Mastermind game!

Instructions in game. What is your highest score?

Remember to love it!

You can turn on and off sound by pressing the sound button which reads sound on and sound off.

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