Global Protection Systum(GPS)

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Protect the planet! Deploy things to destroy the meteor, but watch the power! If it runs out, you recover full power but the meteor is fully healed! It takes power to run the GPS communicators and it also takes power to run all your defenses.

You have 3 minutes. The first half(1 min 30 sec) is for preparing. After that, all the buttons go away and all your defenses start destroying the meteor!

You can use overdrive to gain power, but if you use it too much, it will never work again for the rest of the game!

Note that certain defenses will go away if there are certain others around. EG: STW cat makes zee face go away, radio makes STW cat go away.

Also watch out for defenses that may interfere with others.

Notes and Credits


PSB screen is less annoying.

You can now have 1 more Pico.

Radio music changed, main music changed. (credit to @BWOG )

Removed the low power static effect.

Rockets and overdrives no longer affect the radio.

Beep warning added for last 5 secs of prep time.

Defenses no longer use power during prep time(the GPS communicators still need power,though)

-Removed the Pico apocalypse
STW cat disliking the radio is a reference to my real life dislike of *most* songs with lyrics. DO NOT type any lyrics in the comments or else I will delete your comment.

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