because it's hot (WIP VECTOR SPEEDPAINT)

by snernow
See inside

GLOMP! Hey hey I posted for once!! Yeah okay so this is like, my second attempt at vectoring (my first being the extra speedpaint in the 'Artemis and Orion' animation/storytime) and I just wanted to vent how disgustingly hot it is where I live. I mean.. 37 degrees celcius? With added severity of much-unneeded humidity? = tons of people getting sick with heat stroke! I had one as a child and I only remember it being borderline headache agony.

Welp my fanfic has officially hit like 60k words I think including the hidden 40 chapters I'm sorta writing not really. Anyway if you can't tell these two are Sasuke and Sakura from Naruto! I wanted to dress them up in some nice wedding clothes for Sasuke's birthday on the 23rd lmao XD


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