V11 Wolf Update

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This was cancelled/put on hold because everything about this relied on Scratch 2.0 being faster than 1.4 and that wasn't the case, sorry. Maybe I'll remake it in Lua one day.

Notes and Credits (added by skeletonxf)

Please play in download, a costume center glitch in flash ruins this project.


There is the link the project talks about, if you have any questions feel free to ask. The opening graphic was from the creaters of the game in the link, all credit to them. The music is Field of Memories. The artist is Water Flame. I obtained this music from BWOG.

Please read all of this. It is quite important and will tell you the controls.

I shall be updating this project frequently with the progress I have on the game, so keep checking back often. :D

I finaly got the enemies clever enough to get to your base. And now both sides can actually fight. Sorry it took so long and it wasn't in time for Christmas. And beacuse this is now playable, I will be uploading updates to my main account.

Update, V9: I made the archers a bit weaker, you see when they are about to fire now.

Update, V10: Now the arrows can't fly through 3 units in a row. The tip saying 3 archers can beat anything is now invalid, you need 4. Health bars added, fighting improved.

Update V11 (Wolves): Player can buy wolves. Pause added. Wolf is fully animated.

Credits so far:
Skeletonxf-ME! -Most of the programming
Cleverfog- Animated wolf
GamerTech- A bit of early programming and graphics.
Yllie-Ideas and support
Infinitas-Ideas and support
Walrus-Ideas and support
Thescratch3-Ideas and support
The game link and creators-Inspiration, and 1 graphic.

Currently done:
ENEMIES!, Archers, Miners, Swordsmen, glitch fixes, Wolves, LOADS of wolf glitch fixes, money, poupulation, control system, statues, nodes, tips, marshes, forest movement, arrows, unit health system, hidden features, hack device (Type: HACKTHISGAME), return to map (m),
Fighting, AI, Tier 1

To be done soon:
Full 20 Units (At the moment you can only have 3), Win System (You can't win yet), Statue fighting (Niether side can even attack the opponents statue), wall collision glitch in flash, Wolves for Enemy.

Thankyou for viewing this project, please comment ideas and feedback. Thank you.

Does anyone have an idea for the name of the finished version?

I'm suprised you read this far, anyway, you will be rewarded because I am going to explain the controls.

Buy units-Mouse
Stop units moving-Hover over unit of choice
Kill off units- Type D and Hover over unit of choice
Selection box Click and drag over units of choice
Individual select-Click (Dark units are deslected, bright units are selected)
Move selected units-Click at desired location
Select all units-Type A
Earn infinty money- Type HACKTHISGAME
Free 100 coins- Click statue on menu, then on map, then in game
Pause game- press P or the Pause button in top left hand corner
Retern units to Auto- Press U and Hover over unit of choice
Fire Archer Arrows-Leave them in Auto mode or double click mouse. (deselected archers will still fire)
Units are defaulted to auto mode when you buy them.

How to Play game-Play around with the sytem, get bored, give feedback, come back on the next update. :)

Coming in next update (V12)

Day-night system
Enemy Wolves

Thanks, hope you enjoy the limited gamplay, and please give feedback so I can improve this. Thank you.

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