ARCHIVE LEFTOVERS- Wall Jumper Revived

by BobbyF
See inside

★ As always in recent times, I recommend full screen mode for this.

For Player 1, use WAD keys to move, S button to taunt.
For Player 2, use up, left, right to move, down arrow to taunt.

For the Vs. Menu, click "P1" to set turn pick for Player 1.
Click "P2" to switch to P2's turn to select.
Click the button with the scenery names to change the background.

NOTE: There is a strange bug where only Cowardly Bubble cannot be used for Player 2. I looked over the scripts and couldn't find the source of the problem. Everything else should work fine, though.

Notes and Credits

★ Ladies and gentlemen, you asked for it (well, some of you), here is what is finished of my cancelled and incomplete game, Wall Jumper Revived :) Featuring @UltraJordan's character, Blob! :D

★ Next project, according to the 799th project poll results, should be a big, new animation! :D Stay tuned! ;3 Unless you want to change your vote at the last second to save me time... :P

★ I started development on this game last August of 2017, and I truly did enjoy making a lot of the assets for this game, but of course like I do, I lost motivation towards the end for finishing this, so I left it moderately unfinished. HOWEVER...

I took one last look at this project before deciding to upload it as an Archive Leftover, and noticed a bunch of bugs, and the inability to play against another person on the same keyboard. I honestly could've just said "ah, fudge it, I'll leave it the way it is", but I was generous enough to put in a couple extra hours to make sure the multiplayer was playable and accessible, and all characters were programmed stable enough for enjoyable gameplay.

★ So, what DID I fix or add?
- Cowardly Bubble had sprites made, but wasn't programmed, so I added his code and is now playable for both P1 and P2
- Added a "WallSpeed" variable, which once completing the 13 Wall Cycle, adds 0.2 to the WallSpeed, making the walls slide towards you faster in later waves
- The scenery was previously going to be generated randomly, but of course it would have made more sense to let the player have the choice to actually pick the scenery themself, so I fixed that
- Fixed an issue on the Vs. Select Menu where some character icons would stay in the "selected" costume, even if unselected afterwards, so I found a much better script that saved space and coding effort
- And of course, most importantly, multiplayer was finally added, as before the final 2-hour revamp period, it would've just had Classic Mode available

There IS an unused sprite inside the project called "Gamemode", which would've been a way to select difficulty or a certain way of adjusting the wall order and speed, but of course I eventually didn't have the time or motivation to add it. :/

You may ask, what's the purple wall? They might have been for cheat codes, but of course that was never programmed either.

Also I take no credit for the music. I believe it all came from Newgrounds, but two of the songs are taken from the old Wall Jumper games back in 2011, so I don't have a clue who the artists are.

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