[Closed! The Bird Song]

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Ahaha this is closed. :)

I found some PMVs on YouTube with this song and I though it would be REALLY cool to host a Map with it
(There is a codeword)

-This is a GREYSCALE PMV map. So please try NOT to animate.
-Although this is a grayscale MAP, meaning you can only use shades of grey, I will allow a little bit of red.
-If you are not drawing anything for the background, try to make it entirely black or entirely white.
-Limit of 3 sprites.
-Try to write the lyrics. If you need another sprite for the text, I'll be fine with that.
-Tell me ahead of time if you are going to be quitting scratch or going on some sort of 17-year hiatus.
-There are no backups. If you do not finish your part within 2 months, your slot will open again.
-Don't use Fandom characters or Fandom OCs. (I will make an exception for warriors, wof, and human fandoms tho, but it has to be ocs)
-Remix this project or link me your part when it's shared.
-Since this is my first map, I will let anyone join. Just link me some of your best art pieces because I'm curious and nosy :>
-Don't add like 702 scripts.
-Ask me any questions you have in the comments! I would be happy to answer them!
-Don't complain if I don't give you your part. You will know you did not get the part if I delete your comment.
-Codeword is X. You don't have to read below here, there is a fake codeword at the bottom for those people who scroll down to the bottom and skip all the rules just to get it huehuehueheuhue
-The song is called The Bird Song by Florence and The Machine.
-The MAP was inspired by PMVs I found on Youtube
-I was inspired to make this MAP by some of _MistyLight_'s and Rebeats MAPs they have hosted or have been a part of.
-I am currently eating french vanilla icecream while writing this all.
-Hmm wonder why people would read this all.
-I am secretly a fidget spinner.

-CODEWORD: The Birb Song

Notes and Credits

There will be a thumbnail contest. If you would like to enter, please ask in the studio!!!!

Part 1: (Done!) @Tofubeans
Well I never told anyone, but a bird flew by.

Part 2: (Done!) @rosebreezee
Saw what I'd done, he set up a nest outside.

Part 3: (Done!) @fourh027
And he sang about, what I'd become. He sang so loud, sang so clear.

Part 4: (Done!) @Half_Moon20
I was afraid all the neighbors would hear. So I invited him in, just to reason with him.

Part 5: (WIP :D) @MajickRimes
I promised I wouldn't do it again.. But. He. Sang.

Part 6: (Done!) @StarSnivy
Louder and louder inside the house, and no I couldn't get him out.

Part 7: (Done!) @rainbowsnowflake
So I trapped him under a cardboard box, stood on it to make him stop.

Part 8: (Taken by me huehuehue) @GeoBIRRRRD
Picked up the bird above the din I said "That's the last song you'll ever sing"

Part 9: (Done) @plibato
Held him down, broke, his, neck. Taught him a lesson he wouldn't forget.

Part 10: (Done!) @Half_Moon20
But in my dreams, began, to, creep. The old, familiar. Tweet, tweet, tweet.

Part 11: (Taken) @kitty_coolness_123
I opened my mouth to scream and shout, I waved my arms and flapped about. But I couldn't scream and I couldn't shout. Couldn't
scream and I couldn't shout.

Part 12: (Done!) @Half_Moon20
I opened my mouth to scream and shout, waved my arms and flapped about. But I couldn't scream and I couldn't shout. The song was coming, from my, mouth.

Part 13: (Done!) @That1SarcasticPerson
From my mouth, from my mouth.

Part 14: (Done!) @That1SarcasticPerson
From my mouth, from my mouth, from my mouth, from my mouth.

Part 15: (Done!) @Alwayslicky
From my mouth.. From my mouth, from my mouth.

Part 16: (Taken) @kitty_coolness_123
From my mouth. From my mouth.

Part 17: (Done!) @PossibilityStudios
From. My. mouth, From my Mouth.

Part 18: (Done!) @Howlfreeplease
From my mouth, from my mouth.

Part 19/outro: (Done!) @PossibilityStudios

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