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This will turn into a Super Pokemon Rumble-style game, but with more of a story.
Based on the Manga me and my friend are making. (Me- Drawing, Friend- Writing.)
The Manga has nothing to do with the story of this, it's really just going to be the game that the Manga revolves around. Here's what's written on the Manga's blurb:

The story revolves around Akai, a young boy living in Domino City. A new game, Alias, is released to great critical acclaim. The game is about a group of children able to turn into monsters. A series of toys are made by UnderseeCorp., but a manufacturing error from the company's scientific division results in a series of gauntlets actually turning children into the monsters.
The toys are so successful, a tournament is held by Byron Undersee in his private mansion. Akai, aswell as his friends Barney, Steve and Blu, all enter. However, the four friends soon begin to unravel the truth, and must fight for survival to stop Byron and figure out his true wishes...


The manga is being written by C***** *****m (No giving away his name!) and drawn by LFOB (C'mon. I'm not stupid enought to put my name in there.). The main characters are:

Daniel 'Akai' Rogers: The main character of the series, Akai is a fifteen year old schoolboy with unkept brown hair. He has a crush on Blu, and his monster form is the Pyro Dragon.

Barney Parker: Barney is Akai's best friend with spiky red hair and a forgettable memory. He is dating Blu at the start of the mang. His monster form is the Kana Eel.

Steve Potts: Steve is the underdog of the series, often dim, with neat blond hair. His monster form is the Turbo Dinosaur.

Carlie 'Blu' Valentine: Blu is the spunky female of the four friends, with long, jet black hair. She is dating Barney at the start of the manga. Her monster form is Lady Shadow.

Byron Undersee: Byron is the antagonist of the series, and the creator of the Alias toys. His monster form is not revealed (yet).

Dallas Kane: Dallas is the rich daughter of Byron Undersee, with golden blonde hair. She is sent in undercover as a spy in the tournament to stop people from finding out his plans. Her monster form is the Hart Angel.

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