Droppin' Daisies

See inside

Click the stage to have the butterfly drop a seed. Pick your daisy color and brightness with the variable sliders, or turn up 'Variety!' and be surprised!

What variable settings did you use to make your garden?

Made for Day 2 of 'Getting Unstuck' (display a flower each time that the user clicks on the background)

Notes and Credits

I'd never used pen blocks in a project before, and used this project to try it out. For help, I used the tips window quite a bit, and also searched online to read about pen blocks on the Scratch Wiki and Discussion Forum pages.

I used variables on sliders so new Scratchers can play with the behavior of the project before they even hit the 'See Inside' button. This also gives them some familiarity with what each variable block affects, so they will have some background knowledge once they start looking at the scripts.

This variables idea is more developed in the Bug Maker project I made back in January: https://scratch.mit.edu/projects/200011652/#player

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