The Ninja 2

See inside

Yep, it's finally out! I usually don't make sequels to projects this soon, but considering the first one got 2500 loves, I decided to. :P

Please play "The Ninja" to learn the basic controls and weapons before playing this game, you'll get more out of it.

The Ninja:

The controls are explained in the project but a few are explained in the first game. :)

Also, I fixed a lot of glitches and added sound effects to things but there's still a glitch with the piranha fish that I'm trying to fix. :/

Notes and Credits

Please leave a love-it and possibly a follow for more!

30 awesome levels full of:
- Piranha fish
- Enemy ninjas
- Smooth graphics
- Easy to use controls
- A sword
- Ninja stars
- Targets
- Water
- Epic music
- A fairly nice thumbnail :P
- A spear
- Fans
- And more! (Not very much more though, I actually covered most of it.)

Based off of a game by @Geocashing, a game by @Griffpatch, and @Epninja himself. xD

psst.. press 'A' to skip a level and 'S' to go back certain levels.
that may glitch though.

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