Kaitou Kid's Impossible Jewel Heist

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The objective of the game is to grab the jewel and make it to the door each time without being spotted by the searchlights.

It has the standard controls for a platformer.
up arrow=jump (hold down to adjust height of jump)
left arrow/right arrow=move left/right

As the game progresses, the number of searchlights will increase. Best not to take too much time!

At some point, a "K" will pop up. This is an invisibility power-up. If you grab it, you'll be immune to the searchlight(s) for a certain amount of time before it wears off.

Notes and Credits

Well, maybe it is impossible...the controls are so bad... >.> Well, if you get used to them, it's actually possible to do really well (make use of the practice stage for that!).

I chose Kaito because, well, I just really love Kaito. ^_^ And...this is the first game I've ever programmed! Comments/suggestions/help would be greatly appreciated! :)

P.S. Big thanks to Aima-chan on deviantART for making the Kaito sprite and to beepbeep for the improved jumping script. ^_^

This is purely a fan-made, non-profit, just-for-fun game. Kaitou Kid is a character from Magic Kaitou and Detective Conan and the song, Kimi ga Ireba, is also from Detective Conan. I do not own these or claim to own these. All credit goes to Gosho Aoyama for creating two amazing series. :)

*Recently fixed some minor errors and added the invisibility power-up
**Fixed the bug of moving after game over
***Edited some scripts to make the game more winnable ^^'

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