Science JayBot Version 2

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Version Two is Now Out!
-Smaller Scripts
-More Complex Scripts
-If it does not recognize something you said, it will tell you and let you retry instead of making you start over.
-All elements work for everything up to 50.
-Everything works now except that when you type in Neutrons, it tells you the amount of neutrons but then

Press love it!

Need help with the period table or want to confirm you are right about a characteristic of an element?

Try this out!

To make the system work, follow these steps:
1. Press the Green Flag
2. Run it in turbo mode
3. Once it says, "Hi! My Name is JayBot" press space.
4. It should say, "Today, I will be helping you with science!" If it does not, go back to step one.
5. Press space again. It should then come up with a blue text box at the bottom of the screen where you can type in things.
6. If you are unaware of how to use the system, type in "Commands". Don't put any spaces before or after it or it will not recognize what you are saying and stop talking to you. If that happens, you must press the green flag.
7. To get the system to tell you things like what the atomic number of hydrogen is, say, "Atomic Number: Hydrogen". Say the command of your choice from the list and then say the element. REMEMBER TO ALWAYS PRESS SPACE AFTER EVERY LINE!
8. Have fun with the system! New things will be coming out soon!THIS IS VERSION ONE!

Problems and Bugs:
-I used to have it so if it does not recognize what you are saying, it tells you but it had some glitches so I took it out.
-For some reason, many elements don't work for every command besides atomic number. That will be fixed in the next version.

Version 2 will hopefully be coming out either today or tomorrow!

What Version 2 Will Have-
-Chat that will tell you when the JayBot does not recognize what you are saying
-More elements-More information
-Possibly Talk Features

Stay tuned and if you have any suggestions, say them below in the comments!

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