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this is liam, one of @-starryskies- characters in the other side of paradise
link to the studio – https://scratch.mit.edu/studios/5217704/

as one of the writers & artists, i was told to make liam a backstory. i also added some art so i hope that's fine :>

also @-starryskies-, if you want to change anything about the backstory i wrote then go for it, also if you need me to add anything that's fine too

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⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀♕ liam's backstory ♕

⠀Liam was born in the chaotic lands among Outsiders. His mother, who went by the name of Lyllian, was weak, and although she had 3 pups, Liam was the only survivor. He never knew his father, and was told he was part of an aggressive gang of Outsiders. The only thing he has to remember him by is a triangular pendant, which his father gave to his mother when they met. When Liam was a few moons old, his mother passed the pendant down to him. She said it would be a way for him to always carry his parents with him, and Liam treasured the pendant ever since.
⠀During one rather harsh winter, Liam and his mother were starving, food where they lived being scarce. Lyllian decided to approach her mate's old gang to see if they would offer any salvation. They arrived at the camp and Liam hid near a tree as she spoke with the guards, only to break the news that Liam's father had died. His mother begged with the guards, asking for even a small share of the food, but they told her she wouldn't receive any. Only members of the gang could eat the prey they caught, and they didn't need her leeching off of them. Her mate was dead, and she had no relation to the gang anymore. Hungry and desperate, Lyllian tried to shove past the guards and call out for help. The guards pushed her back, refusing her entry, and one threw her against a nearby boulder. The impact caused a gash to open on her back, but she was alive. Lyllian returned to her pup and they painstakingly began back through the forest. Lyllian's wound quickly got infected and she died two days later.
⠀Afterwards, Liam was alone. His pendant was more important to him than ever, and although he was filled with grief, he knew he had to keep going. He had to survive. Reluctantly Liam returned to his father's gang, asking for help and telling them he was the son of one of their members. They accepted him in and that's where he was raised. Despite the hatefulness and violence they showed on the outside, once Liam was among their ranks he realized they all respected one another. They were a family, and although the life of an Outsider was difficult, the gang knew that if they were together, they could survive.

music // sloom - of monsters and men

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