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Hey scratchers! I'm doing a Collab Camp with my BFF MoonshineKitty! YAYZ! ^.^

Here's MoonshineKitty's backstory for these two lovebirds that couldn't be:

Basil was a Twoleg-Place cat who met Moonshine while she was hunting. They were friendly enough, talking whenever they met, but Basil thought they were much more than friends. He one day confessed his love for her, but she was already in love with Darkleaf. Basil was heartbroken. He crawled back into the streets, his heart shattered. Later, a dark side of him emerged, an evil side. Basil, being a good cat, tried to hold the evil inside him, but the rage could easily consume him...

BTY: Moonshine and Basil belong to MoonshineKitty, I'm just drawing some art for them! Give ALL credit to MoonshineKitty, cuz their not my charries & it ain't my idea! XD

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