Space Defense 8

remixed by Haiming
See inside

Press X to use your secret weapon. You will be notified when it's ready.

Press 1 to use the laser, and 2 to use the bomb.

Press G to access the enemy guide. This is only supposed to work on the title screen.

Press T to toggle the percentage bar

Use the arrow keys to move.

Notes and Credits (added by Haiming)

Curated from July 5th 2014 until July 7th

Please view SoccerRocker222's Maze game!

*Update 07.06.2014*
-Now you can't go over the edge!
-Shows weapon type instead of hit/shot ratio.
-Added a second missile! It goes to the center of the screen and explodes, doing area damage! However, this counts as 5 shots, so don't drop your hit/miss ratio!
-Added a guide feature in the menu! See above to learn how to access it.
-Scout's tail is facing the right way now.

Version 8 (see below for details)
While this update isn't as significant as the previous one, it has better coding and is overall, more soothing to play. Please love and favorite and advertise, as this is my best game franchise yet.

*Update 07.05.2014*
-Percentage is Hits/Shots now
-Small glitch fix where the percentage is whacked up after hitting the boss.
-Glitch fixed where you can off the screen if you're on the edge.
-Shooter is in front now.
-Various glitch fixes

*Update 07.04.2014*
-Lose glitch fixed
-New soothing soundtrack
-New title screen
-Changed the graphics of the start button
-Missile sound, explosion sound, bullet sound, and all sound effects reduced in volume.
-Percentage rounded to the nearest percent.
-Percentage is calculated after the shot hit or miss.
-Major glitch fixes
-Smoother code

Version 7 (see below for details)
The best, least glitchy version of my best game! Version 7 adds a darker theme, with better sounds, better graphics, and better coding. Please love and advertise!

*Update 07.03.2014*
-Added a toggle button to turn on/off the percentage.

*Update 07.02.2014*
-Added an accuracy function
-Minor bug fixes

*Update 06.28.2014*
-Fixed the bug for not showing the lose screen.
-Made one of the enemies "blinking"
-Changed the movement of the player to make it smoother

*Update 06.26.2014 (Version 7)*
-Changed the title screen
-Changed the win screen
-Changed the shooter graphic
-Changed the boss graphic
-Changed the enemy infantry graphic
-Game play background art is randomly drawn
-Replaced old sounds with more accurate sounds
-Hid the variables (you will be notified when your special attack is ready)
-"Blood" graphic changed color
-"Blood" graphic is less intense
-Major bug fixes

*Update 06.24.2014*
-Transition bug fixed
-Minor bug fixes

Version 6 (see below)
MASSIVE update! Added tons of stuff, as you can see below. Enjoy!

*Update 06.23.2014*
-Added title screen
-Changed the location of the variables
-Cleaner screen
-Health is represented in "blood" style*
-Massive glitch fixes
-Victory background changed
-Loss background changed
-Music looped changed
-Overall smoother gameplay

*Screen turns a shade of black when you get hit

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