Ask Kaito, Rin, Len, and Miku!

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[ OOC: Hey guys! Long time no see! Here's an update. Between home and school and work and the little time I have for realaxation, I don't have much time for make more answers! I'm SOOO sorry, guys! Plus, it takes a long time to make a quality picture.
1. No one ever said Kaito DIDN'T like rabbits.
2. Why would you take away her leek?! We're doomed now! Brace yourselves!
3. Rin = Twin sister. Kaito = creepy guy. Miku = Winner by default. DUH.
And Len is just TOO awesome for this world. He needs to die sometimes or people will be suicidal because they know they will never be as awesome as him.
4. Why the heck not? ]

Len: I'm a banaana! I'm a banaana!

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