BLINKY's Battles v1.8

remixed by Willpower
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An evil tyrant Blinky and his loyal minions, the Blinkilings are threatening your home. You MUST fight back.

Use the arrow keys to move Hero around the screen to get to the home block

You win by completing all the levels with as many points as possible!

Notes and Credits (added by Willpower)

3rd August 2013- Updated. It Includes:
1) Reorganisation of scripts
2) John's Level Change
3) Correcting speed changes between levels

NOW ADDED- Password to BLINKY's Battles 2- Got when you win... or you could cheat and have a look in the scripts :(

Level 1: Steve
Level 2: Bob
Level 3: Kevin
Level 4: Tony
Level 5: John
Level 6: Blinky

In each level the Boss does something new.

Powerups:You can get these by clicking on "Powerups" on the top right hand corner and then selecting the one you want. Each powerup costs different amounts of points. All powerups take 5 seconds to work. I don't know whether the invincible powerup actually helps you

My top score is 2418. After you have played and you want another go. Press SPACE to reset everything and then press the flag to start.

If you can find any glitches or can think of things that will make the game better please say in the comments.

Willpower:)- 5th February 2012

1) Achievements
2) Bonus coins each level
3) Fix minor pen not disappearing bugs
4) New background graphics

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