Chilly's Chill Time v0.0. - 4?

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Notes and Credits

This was made by W-A-C

Changes I made:

*Fixed the bug where you can go through walls - It should work MUCH better but it won't. Scratch glitch?

*Changed the colour of the tree to grey so you don't get stuck

*Scrolling broke a bit. I think I know why

W-A-C's Plans for Future Updates:
-Not being able to fall through walls. (Overall Top Priority)
-Scrolling background.
-Attacking ability and enemies.
-A boss battle.
-Either reverting back to v0.0.1's physics (if I can find a way around the scroll X problem) or improving the physics in different ways.

The rest of his/her notes:

I am clueless how to get rid of the glitch that causes you to hop while walking downwards or off of things without getting rid of the jump ability altogether. The original sprites used for this fangame were taken from The Spriter's Resource:

Controls: left and right keys to move, A to jump.

Special thanks to the following games and tutorials for being very helpful:

Legal Mumbo Jumbo: Kirby is copywrited to Nintendo and HAL Laboratory.

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