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Just click the green arrow and enjoy the show. I raised two daughters on Spongebob so the stuff he says really takes me back!

19 Dec 2016 - 2363 views, 28 remixes, 31 studios, 86 favs and 98 lovits for this old project, too cool! Thank you everyone for helping make my 7+ years at Scratch even more enjoyable. I got rid of the timing hitch and updated the background flowers. I'll put this project on my To Do list to add more features to.

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my homebrew Spongebob animation

I traced part of the walk cycle from the "lost episode" with paper and pencil, scanned the images, colored them in Photoshop, and drew some objects from the show for Spongebob to walk past. To celebrate the show's successful use of cheap animation, I created a simple two frame animation for the road that works surprisingly well!

When I studied animation, I discovered that Spongebob is considered 'trash animation.' Simply put, it is because the fps (animation frames per second) was half of something like an animated Disney movie. Yet the success of this franchise definitively proves that success is not dependent on bling alone, something all programmers should remain aware of.

"The bouncing ball" is a classic animation exercise for new animators. There are a lot of poor examples of this exercise available on the internet, a good one should demonstrate various principals of animation. Like this one...

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