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This project showcases my musicXML to Scratch lists converter. It converts music from the musicXML format into text files (*.txt) which you can import as Scratch lists. These lists can then be used to play the music, or create a Synthesia/Guitar Hero/whatever inspired game. The converter will be available for a public beta testing phase in 1 or 2 months, it depends on another project which isn't yet finished.

The project also illustrates how it iterates thorugh the lists (2 per instrument/part: note values and lengths; 0 means break) while playing the song.
The graph at the bottom shows the relative progress of the song, the two variables the absolute progress as "minutes:seconds"

Notes and Credits

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===== Thanks to =====
@LiFaytheGoblin for suggesting this project to be featured
@Samueldora for the original music playback loop (

===== Useful links ===== | Collection of all "musicXML converter" projects | Download MIDI and musicXML files | Converter Source Code

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