REMADE Sky Star's Roars MAP

remixed by gecko998
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Notes and Credits (added by gecko998)

Thanks to-
@2009312 for SkyStar drawings
@Indy1395 for music and lyrics
@-skystar- for her OC

PARTS- (in progress)

INTRO- @gecko998

1. I used to bite my tounge and hold my breath. Scatter up the boat and make a mess. = @monogwings

2. So I sat quietly. Agreed Polietly. = @TawnyStrike

3. I guess I forgot I had a choice. I let you push me past the breaking point. I stood for nothing. = @starlightpawThecat

4. So I fell for everything. = @meowfacewarriorcat

5. You held me down, but i got up! = @meowfacewarriorcat

6. Already brishing of the dust. You hear my voice, You hear that sound. Like the thunder gonna shake the ground. = @Derpycatthing

7.You held me down, but I got up! = @awesome749

8. Get ready cause I've had enough! I see it all! I see it now! = @rylex

9. I got the eye of the tiger! A fighter, dancing through the fire! Cause I am the champion, and your gonna hear me roar!= @Jaycat111

10. Louder, Louder than a lion cause i am a champion and your gonna hear me ROAR! = @Dovewing2904

11. Oh oh oh oh oh oh *etc* You gonna hear me roar! @Flamestrike

12. Now I'm floating like a butterfly, stinging like a bee i earnt my stripes @EchoAnimationStudios

13. i went from zero to my own hero= @Aquastar12345


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