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Heyyy! Hope y'all haven't forgotten about me! Here's a project to sort of make up for my absence haha. Lots of rambling and lots of art. :)

(This got taken down the first time because I haven't been on here in years and didn't know you weren't supposed to add social media links, whoops! Hopefully there's nothing objectionable this time haha.)

Answers to what I'm guessing will be frequently asked questions:

-What did you draw this with?

Everything was drawn in either Photoshop on a Cintiq (basically a big computer screen that you can draw on) or the Procreate app on the iPad.

-The artwork looks really different than the dumb little drawings of yourself at the start!!! How can it be the same person who drew it???

Hahaaaa yeah it's all me, I spent like 30 seconds on the dumb little drawings of myself and up to 20 hours on some of that other stuff ^^;

-Why does some of it have a "Thicket" logo on it?

The stuff that has "Thicket" on it was for one of my classes last semester. We were coming up with the concept for a video game that doesn't really exist haha.

-How old are you? Where do you go to college?

I am 21 years old (ancient, I knowww but trust me I barely feel older than 12) and I go to Brigham Young University/BYU. It is NOT an art school (it's actually a private religious university), but they have a really good animation program!! It's a good option if you're wanting to go into animation but don't want to sell your soul to pay tuition for art school.

-Why the mermaids?

The reason there are so many mermaids is because I did that MerMay challenge where you draw a mermaid every day in the month of May. (I don't actually like mermaids that much but heck I drew a lot of them)

-Do you want to work for Disney??

UM YES haha I'm graduating in one year and hopefully I'll be able to get a job somewhere!! DreamWorks would be my choice if I could go absolutely anywhere but y'know I'll go with whoever hires me haha.

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