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Use the arrow keys or WASD to move around, Press SPACE while grapple tool is not selected to jump, Press 1 or click on the grappling hook button to equip or unequip your grappling hook tool, click anywhere and hold down or press SPACE to launch your grapple somewhere and press SPACE while holding your mouse down to jump to your grapple. Press "c" to chat. The player ROBLOX sometimes joins in at a random of 10 to 120 seconds while he says "Look At All The Studs!" and walks right away. If you want to see him again, just mess with the green flag. Turn on Turbo Mode to run faster. I hope that's all I changed!

Notes and Credits (added by DevanWolf)

This is an updated version of pootis12 (originally CloneTrooper1023)'s ROBLOX game on SCRATCH. I even removed some stuff and rearranged the scripts to make it extra clean. The controls are now updated. You move sharper now. You can now use the WASD keys to move. The grapple tool is now re-coded so you can now use your mouse to launch it and SPACE while holding mouse down to jump to your grapple, it targets to the mouse for a second, hangs there while you hold it down, and releasing or not holding the mouse down still brings back to the player after that, plus there is now a guest appearance, including the facing up and down. There is also a new player list where the show/hide button now works. R key to reset is now gone for some reason, which I will remake this function soon.

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